Hello Fellow GGDC Members! The Holiday season is fast upon us!  Your board would like to share with you the results from our survey to the question about the gift exchange at our annual Christmas party. We heard from several respondents that the gifts they received were not new, or was clothing that did not fit, or an item that was meant more for a child or even gifts that had clearly been re-gifted from past parties. We want everyone to enjoy and appreciate their gift.  As someone wrote “the gifts SHOULD BE EXTAORDINARY!” So let’s all give something that we would be thrilled to receive ourselves! We are making changes to the entire process to ensure that gifts are randomly assigned.
  1. At check-in each person wanting to participate in the gift exchange will be given a colored wrist band and the gift they brought will be tagged with a number (please still put your “from” name on the gift so the recipient will be able to thank you).
  2. When the time comes, each person will draw a number from a bucket and collect the gift that corresponds to that number (if you draw your own gift you can of course draw again). It won’t matter what color your wristband is or when you come up to pick up your gift
This is fair as we can make it! We are asking that those who plan to participate in the gift exchange to please bring a gift suitable for any adult (man or woman).  It must be new and valued at least $20.00.  Think of something you would like to receive and that is worthy of the wonderful members we bring together to celebrate the season! Think of it as “Gift Imagineering”! Be creative.  There are collectibles from Jim Shore, Enseco. etc, holiday items, kitchen items, fuzzy blankets and books.  There are Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars themed items all out there.  It should be easy to do so have fun with it. We want everyone to go home happy with their new “treasure”!